OPENWEBRADIO 2.0 Windows Mobile
internet radio
About OPENWEBRADIO the best site on internet radio!
Currently in the database is located -10 stations in 234 categories.
At the beginning Open Web Radio was created only an application in mobile phones,
with Windows Mobile.
The program quickly became popular and was named the best program to listen to radio stations.
The application has been downloaded by users more than 100 000 times.
The success of the program led to the need to create a website that would enable listening to
radio stations from around the world in even the smallest place of the world.
Website which is under constant development, which follows the modern solutions and standards.
This website brings together more than -10 stations in 194 countries.
The number increases every day thanks to users this page. So the name - Open Internet Radio.
Do you want to listen to the radio station, which is not found on our website?
You can add it yourself, check out how it is easy!
OPENWEBRADIO is a program for listening internet radio from around the world.
Enjoy your favorite radio online at home and wherever you are via phone with Windows Mobile or Android (coming soon)!
Coming soon new version OPENWEBRADIO 2.0 for Windows Mobile who works on database from this site
Adding new stream radio every day. Coming soon will be available to add independent stations